Sunday, October 28, 2007

Emerald City Writer's Conference

Didn't get to hang out as long as I wanted but they really went all out this year that the ECWC. Book signing was huge and it was clearly a great success.

I guess this is one of the reasons I love going to conferences. It is the opportunity to hang out with friends and writers that all share the same passion for reading. Considering the fact that we connect with so many from across the nation (and the world) we have to take advantage of situations like this.

I did get the chance to take two of the Greyhaus writers out to dinner in Bellevue. This was a great chance to not only catch up on business but to celebrate recent sales and book releases.

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  1. Being with other writers always has its merits: especially since the biggest part of writing is sitting all alone and thinking in complete silence :) . I'm checking out the Texas Book Festival this weekend just to be around other people who like writing and books.