Monday, November 19, 2007

Yea, yea, I know...

So, I've been busy... No excuses other than I simply haven't gotten to my desk long enough to put my fingers to the keyboard to do this.

So, what's bveen going on in my wonderful world. Just got the contract back for Michele Young's latest book. If you loved NO REGRETS, you'll love this next one. Michele has it figured out.

Been busy working through the contract mess that a couple of my writers had with the Triskelion stuff. At least I am happy to report that both authors are in fabulous shape and selling books like crazy!

Kathryne Kennedy is madly wrapping up her latest in the Merlin Relic series. Keep an eye out for her first ENCHANTING THE LADY. Incredible read.

As for the other authors, they are madly working on various projects, and I am happy to report they are all doing well.

In other news, I will be writing an article for the San Francisco RWA chapter in their upcoming book. That one will be available at the SF RWA National conference. You'll want to get that one as well.

Outside of all this, I am busy getting ready for the upcoming holiday season. This is a great time to really get some personal things done and to do it in a more personal setting.

That's about it. I'll get back to you soon with some more updates on the re-opening of Greyhaus for submissions.

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