Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Break??? - Hah!

We all talk about a Christmas break but do we really take it? I seriously doubt it.
I know that for myself, I have a stack of things that HAVE to get done and somewhere in the middle of this, I still have to be social!

So, the to do list for Scott this break... (ta da)

  • Clean desk (yes I know I have been saying this for a while)
  • Wrap up all submissions that have trickled in.
  • Finish reading and critiquing current Greyhaus authors WIP's
  • Get a few submissions out to editors
  • Wrap up some collegiate paperwork (4 major projects there)
  • Write 4 articles for the Georgia RWA Newsletter (You will have them before Dec. 31!)
  • Would love to finish up the manuscript I'm editing of my own but that may be for a later "break".

So, I challenge all of you out there.

Do you have a "to do list". Make sure it involves your craft!

Merry Christmas all

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