Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's that time of year

As we get ready to dive into this holiday season and the new year, I want all the writers to listen up.
It is time to really stop and consider what you have.

I know that as an agent, I look across my list of writers and I am dang proud of them. Sure, some are still working on making that first sale but they are dedicated. This is the one thing every agent would hope to have.

Along the same lines, all of my writers have a fire inside of them to produce the best of the best. Sure, they would all love nothing more than quitting their day jobs and do this full time (yes Michele, I know you did), but they still write for the passion of writing. They don't just write to follow trends, they don't just want to submit to houses because they "pay well."

They are writers!

Way to go ladies!

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