Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A survey for Romance Writers

This is really short and simple.

Define for me in no more than 1 paragraph (Not William Faulkner length) what is CATEGORY ROMANCE.

I am putting together an article and would love to hear what you think. No, this is not a way for me to figure it out, but a way to know what the writers think.


  1. I would describe Category Romance as a story in which the romance is the center. Man meets woman, for some reason they might not like each other but then they do and they work things out to be together in the end and happily ever after. There may be werewolves, or murderers, or some confusion about twin brothers, but the gist is the romance. I've read numerous category romances (in many categories) that handle this simple plot incredibly well. As with any other genre, it's the talent in the teller of the tale which makes any story shine.

  2. One of the biggest differences I've noticed in reading catagory romance verses a single title release is the pacing -- it's very fast, and unlike a lot of single title releases, it jumps days sometimes weeks between scenes with the main characters, cutting out the day-to-day babble of the protagonists lives. Because of the length requirements for catagory romance, the story has to stay focused on the romance itself: girl meets boy, girl loses boy, and finally girl gets boy back with all extra conflicts resolved.

  3. Thank you for your feedback both of you. I jsut want to see what other people are thinking.
    Encourage others that read and write romance to post their thoughts here as well. I would love some more feedback!