Wednesday, May 7, 2008

When opportunity knocks, answer the door

There was a book that came out several years ago call The Celestine Prophecy. In it, the author described this idea of looking for coincindences that appear in your life. He suggested that coincindences don't just happen but are part of a great scheme of things. He also suggested that too often, people ignore these events instead of acting on them.

I bring this up because writing is about that as well. At least the level of marketing your book. You as an author have to keep an eye out for situations where you can take advantage of the moment. Unfortunately, the reclusive nature of writers often prevents that from happening.

Now, conferences are a great situation for you to take advantage of every opportunity. Yes, I know, "here goes Scott on his pre-conference rant." Yep, I agree.

If you are at a conference, take advantage of those situations. Don't just lock yourself away in your room, or avoid sitting next to people other than your friends at lunches. Break away, meet people. TALK! You willl be surprised at what you find.

I will also add that this goes for you editors and agents as well. If you don't like what you have seen as you sit passively behind your desks, then go out and find the good stuff. I know I'll be out there talking. The question is, will you?

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