Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another great cover

And now for another great cover. If you are a historical reader/writer and love the Victorian period, head this direction. Not only has Nikki set the story in this wonderfully declicious period, but she is moving the writing to the U.S. This book will be out this December! Keep an eye out for it.

On the task for the day... and yes, this does mean I am working this weekend... continue with those proposals and hopefully get through this last stack of submissions. And all this before heading to my nieces house for her 9th birthday.

See you on Monday.



  1. I have never seen Avalon books in Barnes and Noble before. Are they in the regular Romance section? You know, where all the Avon Historical and Zebra Historicals are located?

  2. Avalon Books is a great house for writers to work for. They are a "library house." In other words, all of their books are targeted for the local libraries. The books are all in hardback and go out in seasonal shipments to libraries with standing orders from that publisher.

    In the case of Avalon, the books are very family friendly. These are not inspirational romances, but just very tame. You can check them out online.

    As far as purchasing the books, they can be bought on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and at the Avalon site as well.

    Very good authors write for Avalon as well as for other houses. Check them out!