Saturday, August 16, 2008

General thoughts and bragging...

Every now and then you just have to talk about some great things.

I had to share this cover with you. Michele Young has done it again with another wonderful story for Source Books. If you didn't get a chance to read NO REGRETS make sure to check that one out. This story is certainly another example of her wonderful writing style. This is definitely why I keep her around.

In case you hadn't heard either, Julie Stevens, one of Greyhaus' romantic suspense authors won the Golden Heart this year. Way to go!!!!

Bronwyn Scott will be part of the launch group for Harlequin Historicals Undone E-Books with a great story SEDUCTION IN VIENNA All I can say here is... if you loved her debut novel, PICKPOCKET COUNTESS, and you loved the steam of NOTORIOUS RAKE, INNOCENT LADY and her first online read for Harlequin GRAYSON PRENTISS'S SEDUCTION, then you will not be disappointed.

Finally, for those of you interested in class opportunities, make sure to check out the 6-week online class I am running in conjunction with Pierce College here in Washington. If you want to work on researching editors and agents, writing queries, synopses and the first three chapters, learning high concept and so forth, plus getting feedback along the way. This is the course for you. Check out the information on the main Greyhaus page I should also let you know that you can earn Continuing Education Credit for this class. Next session begins in Sept. Sign up now before the space is gone.

Off to get some proposals ready to send out.


  1. Gosh, Scott, but I'm having a hard time making out that middle word. Is it "The Lady And the Lord"? Or "The Lady Hires the Lord"?

    Guess I'm getting too old to read that script anymore.

  2. Anon, I read it as "Flees her Lord."

  3. Yes, the word is FLEES. I went back and enlarged the picture for you all. I guess that's what happens with the wonderful age of computers.