Friday, August 29, 2008

Answer for Anon.

Anon asked...
I promise. No more multi-paragraph posts. But there is a question. Since it is apparently good that a plot be usuable for several genres,how does one avoid the implication that book after book must be written? I would feel like an idiot resubmitting a formula romance after the agent had rejected the straight historical with the same plot. Surely Gregory & Follett do not work in this potluck manner?

I think I sort of answered this in the last post but let me say it again. A writer should find a single focus for their book and stick to it. Never submit a story that has been rejected to an agent a second time as a different genre. Not going to work. If we thought it would have been better in another niche we would have told you. I have actually signed authors that pitched their stories as single title and I said we should take it toward the category houses.

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