Friday, August 29, 2008

Answer for Anon.

Anon asked...
Did I break the rule and pitch incomplete novels? Yes and no. First, I did not go into the session with the agents and lie to them. I told them straight up after introductions, that I did not have a completed novel, but I hoped they would be willing to talk to me about my ideas, look at some premises, read some writing samples, and answer a few questions.

So, the question essentially dealt with the issue of pitching a story that isn't finished. The answer is simple. Be honest with the editor or agent. Know going in that we are not going to want to see the partial until it is finished. If we like the story enough, we will recommend you send it when you are done.

Now, if you pitch it as if it is finished, you better know you can wrap it up in 1-2 months and have it on their desk in that time.

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