Friday, August 29, 2008

A response to Jessica

Jessica responded...
Don't bounce ideas off an agent. One agent will love a concept and another will hate it. You've got to write what you want, then try to sell it. There are ways to make it more marketable, but there's no 100% way to make sure your book will sell after it's done. Or before.I wish you the best with your writing.

I think the key thing to remember though is to always do that research before you write a book or get too far into it. I really don't care how good the writing is, if the story won't sell, then it won't sell. In the end, you have wasted your time (except for the creative pleasures).


  1. Wow, you're fast.
    :-) I was thinking about my comment and I realized that it's also important to study the genre you're writing in, and even what kind of books a publisher likes, before writing it. Then your story may have a better chance of fitting.
    Yikes, good writing+bad story=No Sale?
    That stinks. I think the positive thing is that a good writer could tweak the story into something marketable.

  2. Jessica,

    That is soooo true. I don't know how many authors I talk to that just didn't do that research and find themself at a dead end road.