Friday, August 29, 2008

An answer for Jessica

Jessica asked...
I think I already know the answer, but I was going to ask you a question on your other post but didn't do it in time.You used to be on my list until I noticed that you don't sell inspirational romance. But then I saw you'll take category inspy romance. I'm aiming for the category house right now, but I know in the future that I'll want to try single title.So, how does it work with an agent when a writer hands in manuscripts the agent can sell, but then the author wants to switch to a genre/audience the agent doesn't rep?

I think it all depends on the agent. I know that if I signed someone and they wanted to try something new (and I believed I could do something with it) I would likely work something out with the writer. I know though that sometimes, when that career path change comes up, sometimes a writer will discuss the plans with the agent and maybe make the decision that it is time to shift. This is all part of the career planning the agent would do.

I will say though, that if a writer isn't established yet, as an agent, I would recommend they focus on that genre before they make a shift to something new.

In my humble opinion.


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