Monday, November 10, 2008

Category Challenge American Line comments

One of the contestants for the Category Romance Challenge targeted the American Line. I have to say that out of all the lines, this one really is a tough one to focus on. This is not to say it is the hardest, but marketing for this line, with our every growing diverse nation, makes answering the question that is the central focus to the line difficult. What is it to be American.

In the case of this line, the key is to really target central themes within the American psyche. What are common themes we see that differentiate America from other cultures. I highlighted this one just recently, but let me remind you again. Ideas such as competition, independence, money and financial security. These are just some of the ideas.

So, if you are to market ideas for this line. Begin first with those themes and then develop the story around it. These stories are not so much just set in America, but explore those themes.

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