Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Category Challenge Nocturne Line comments

The challenge with this line is to do more than simply write paranormal. We have paranormal all over the place right now. Remember that with all of the Harl. lines, the romance is the central focus.

As I reviewed this competitors blurbs, I saw much of the same things I see with the other paranormals that come across my desk. The characters are paranormal but they struggled with meeting the guidelines established by the editor.

Take a look...

Nocturne is looking for stories that deliver a dark, very sexy read that will entertain readers and take them from everyday life to an atmospheric, complex, paranormal world filled with characters struggling with life and death issues. These stories will be fast-paced, action-packed and mission-oriented, with a strong level of sensuality. The hero is a key figure — powerful, mysterious and totally attractive to the heroine. In fact, both main characters are very powerful, and their conflict is based on this element. The author must be able to set up a unique existence for the characters, with its own set of rules and mythologies. We are looking for stories of vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, psychic powers, etc. set in contemporary times.

In this author's case, I was focusing in on the hero and the heroine. take a look at the attraction the editors want. The power of each of the characters needs to become the central focus. Right now, as I read this author's blurbs, the balance between the characters was just not there. Both have to be equal

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