Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Category Challenge Intrigue comments

Let's begin with the guidelines. Like all of the lines at Harl./Sil. this is the key...

Taut, edge-of-the-seat contemporary romantic suspense tales of intrigue and desire. Kidnappings, stalkings, women in jeopardy coupled with bestselling romantic themes are examples of story lines we love most. Whether a murder mystery, psychological suspense or thriller, the love story must be inextricably bound to the mystery where all loose ends are tied up neatly…and shared dangers lead right to shared passions. As long as they're in jeopardy and falling in love, our heroes and heroines may traverse a landscape as wide as the world itself. Their lives are on the line…and so are their hearts!

Therea re two key points here that have to be the center of your marketing plan.

1) the women have to be in jeopardy... and...
2) the hero saves her... and...
3 together they must battle through this and build their romance.

Too often, with stories for this line, they are fighting together but the woman is not in jeopardy. Sure she may get caught but she is too much of an equal to the hero. There needs to be a slight imbalance here. She doesn't have to be a wimp, but the guy needs to be a bit stronger here.

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  1. Thank you for these recent posts, this is something I've struggled to understand and now I see how to get those key elements out of the guidelines.