Monday, February 16, 2009

Amazingly stupid

So, maybe it is the lack of coffee (after this I'm making a new pot), but I am constantly amazed at how stupid people can be when it comes to writing. Maybe stupid is not the right word, but it seems to me that many writers lack the common sense to do what it takes to get a submission done right.

Let me list a few of the things I've seen. I think these errors will speak volumes:

  • Sending me an email submission and then sending me two snail mail submissions (in the same week) for the same book. Ooooo, and we hate rejections so much we want to do it three times.
  • Sending me manuscripts that I am not looking for. The funny thing on this one is that it really seems to be a gender issue. The guys do this all of the time. What's even scarier is are the number of submissions I get from established doctors who are now writing. And they hold a scalpel? Ugh.
  • After a rejection, they write to attempt to get me into a dialogue to prove I was wrong all along. I may be, but guess what? I also have your name in my data base and I will remember you.

And don't get me started on story premises that are sent to me.

  • I have had several editors say this is bad but I still believe it can sell? Several? What does this tell you?
  • Adultry is OK if you have a justifiable reason? Huh?
  • A story about a teacher falling for a student in the high school. Ah, true love. But it could happen and things work out well, Right? NOT!

Think people. If you can!



  1. Scott, you make me laugh (but there are times you scare me - for another post.)

    When I hear amazingly stupid stories like this, I react. "You brat!" I think to myself. You could have just ruined my chance for an agent read because I was the next person in line and now, said agent, is pissed. Thank you ever so much.

    Glad you keep it real and us on our toes. LLaff

  2. Very funny, Did not know many Drs harbored a secret desire to write romances. The current issue of either The Writer, or The Writer's Yearbook issue also contains some hilarious query letters which the agent, Sherree Martin, swaars actually landed on her desk.
    They don't call it The Human Comedy for nothing. I am quite curious as to what a Dr.'s notion of romance might look like. Hot? Academic? Cervical cancer on that side for sure! More, more.

  3. Are you sure you don't need something stronger than coffee?