Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Time It Takes part 2 and an extension

So, I was back reading my comments a couple of days ago while the news was on.

I know all of us are facing tough economic times right now. Heck, I do the grocery shopping for the family so I really get it.

I for one am excited to see people doing something about the economic situation. Do I know it will work? No. Do I have an advanced knowledge of the levels of economic issues plaguing the nation? No. But something needs to be done.

Here is the twist though. People need to understand that getting the nation (and the international community) out of this mess will take time. Things do not happen overnight.

I am reminded of the time when Poland came out of communist rule. The nation shifted to a version of capitalism and democracy and didn't know why things were not better over night. I saw the same thing when I was in Banska Bystricia, Slovakia in the 90's. I see this when talking to parents about their students' success. We all want immediate gratification.

But it will not happen the moment something is signed into law. It will take time and we need to wait for it. Now, if nothing is done, we need to do something again. Try a new approach and not do the same thing we just did.


  1. And what effect is this having on manuscript submissions? I cruised the Romance section in our big B & N last night, and now that the covers are turned out, it looked as if 90% of the section was the raunchiest kind of soft-core porn, er, erotica. I thought the novelty of that had worn off some time ago. Is this the last reliable seller in agent acquisions? is there anything left to say about sex? Shall I add a lot more of this stuff to my historical romance? Will this rescue both writers and the economy? Stay tuned.It would be nice to have to do a lot less actual writing. Good filler.

  2. I can't see how turning our future generations into serfs is going to make America a better place.

    But if it makes you "feel good" to see "something" getting done, I guess you're happy with this pork-laden "stimulus" bill.


    So many agents seem to enjoy posting their political views on their blogs, but I hadn't seen you make this mistake until now, Scott.

    I can see it's going to be tough going to find a fellow conservative in the writing business.

  3. Quick comment to Anonymous (1) - Change is good, but making all romance into soft porn sounds bad to me. What's that saying to our future generations who are already watching an onslaught of soft porn on regular television shows and video games? More of the same - not much hope for future Obamas IMHO. And, yes, Anonymous (2), I am pro-Obama:-)

    Save the soft porn and write well :-) Publishing, from what I can see, is a waiting/numbers game. It only takes one good agent to like your work, and then it only takes one good publisher to take it to the public. Most importantly, it takes one good writer to get their attention - Your time will be well spent if you skip the fluff and write well.

    Just my opinion.

  4. Oh lovely, Anon 2, a fellow skeptic. I work in health care, and spend my days with people mostly without clothing, so am hardly a novice in the individual variations field. I've also been lucky enough to hit the sheets with some top of the line beautiful males, and do not lack appreciation for this endeavor.
    But, I do wonder if there are enough buyers to purchase this onslaught of same old, same old. The plot, such as it is, always seems to be the same. Woman has sex every few pages with different guys. I do admire the conditioning necessary to keep up this pace. Tirelessly. And tiresomely, for the poor reader, who persists in looking for, vain hope...a plot?
    beyond drop the drawers and get busy. If I was still twelve, no doubt this would all be wildly exciting. Alas, I am not.
    Someone said that every book in the store now seems to either be about a dog, or written by a dog. And I notice that agents are saying "no more books written by animals!"
    I only wonder if social permission to write and read about sex (unmarried) will continue to remain a novelty for most women, for much longer. Another time we might discuss what women bring to writing, besides being available to every comer. I smell a rat here.