Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Technology Reminder

As we crank out page after page of our manuscripts, we often forget that we are also dealing with technology. That means things can happen.

I bring this up because one of my writers, working under the gun for a deadline suddenly was plagued with an annoying virus (as if there is any other type). After moments of panic and calling me knowing the world as we know it was going to come to an end, we got her on the path to fixing the problem. In the end, she was able to get her manuscript off the computer and things are back in order.

So, here are some reminders:

Back up frequently.
Save the material on disks
Save the material on memory sticks
Save the material at online sites (I use
Email the material to yourself
Print, Print, Print. I know the sustainablity gurus are cringing but hey, we have to play it safe.

Just play it safe.



  1. From a writer who lost, by lost I mean TOTALLY LOST FOREVER AND EVER INFINITY, a whole 80K manuscript, all I can say to today's post is Amen.

    I am now the queen of secret email addresses, flash drives and safe deposit boxes.

  2. I wrote the climax to one of my manuscripts. It didn't save. I had to rewrite it!

    Now, I have back ups at home, work, in email, on my website, on a flash drive and cd.

    Yeah. I learned the hard way. Good tips!