Sunday, March 29, 2009

Greyhaus Expanding Submissions

All of the details will be posted on my website shortly, but I wanted to let you know I will be expanding my submission requests beginning on Monday. In a nutshell, here is what I will be looking for:

Contemporary - Real romances set in present day. I want the stories real and not manufactured. I want this just like our friends around us that fall in love. We don't need a psychotic past but something real.

Women's Fiction - We follow the female journey and learn what it takes to be a female. This should be powerful literature and I am not looking for a story that is simply lacking romance.

Historicals - These will be open but I will be very honest, I am not ACTIVELY looking. My historical writers are doing amazing and I do not believe in having competing authors out there.

Paranormals - No psychics, no vamps, no werewolves.

Romantic suspense - The romance must be the central theme. The characters should not have baggage and I want the story REAL. I want it believable. I want this border line thriller where we are really worried that the characters might not make it.

Category - This is the same that I had the last time. If you want to write for a category house you must:
a) Know the line you are targeting
b) Have at least one story in that line done
c) Have at least 2-3 more stories outlined and/or planned out for stories in that line.
Please also be aware that if I sign an author in a category line. We will ONLY submit to that house and if it is rejected, the contract will be over.

More details hopefully later today.



  1. Thank you for posting detailed information about your expectations. It DOES help!!!

  2. Anonymous Two says amen to that. Thanks for not watching while writers take off on a year-long dead end. An agent who actually understands what "Professional help" might look like, as opposed to, "nah...I don't like it." Son of a gun.