Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Network?

Writing is a lonely craft. You sit by yourself in a room with the characters swimming in your head and it is just the computer and you. For many writers, they try to do all of this without any help from the outside. We are too conscious of what we have put on the page and we certainly don't want to have someone tell us it is crap.

But networking is CRUCIAL for successful writing. Joining those professional organizations is important to stay in touch with all that is going on in your genre. You hear or editors coming and going. You hear of what they like and don't like. You find out about all the new "stuff".

Now, when you do this, please don't just go out and join every group. Pick and choose carefully. This is especially true with those online chat groups. Some are composed of people who whine and complain and only bring to the group more negative energy. Heck, I know of several professional writers that simply suck all of the good vibes out of the room when they walk in. Those are the groups to avoid. Find the ones that assist. Find the ones you can grow from. And find the ones that might do the work for several.

Just remember to filter all you hear. Take what you need and leave behind the rest.

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  1. This is good advice. Can't tell you how many times I've been disappointed with an over zealous lot - picking at everything. Right down to the littlest thing. It can be very discouraging, if one is not careful.