Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There are so many variables

I find it interesting that when ever an agent or editor posts something on a blog, there is a sudden influx of emails and posts by authors that “have the exception to the rule” or the reason why “this is just not true.” In many of these cases, the writer throws out one other author who proves their point and somehow, that makes the agent or editor wrong. I think it is important to remember what we say all of the time when it comes to publishing. There are just so many variables out there and, on top of all of that, the business is just plain subjective.


I guess the big point I want to make to all the writers out there is that each of these posts are simply the point of view of one person. We put together these posts to provide one aspect to the business in the hopes that this will educate those writers out there wishing to really make this a career.


Agents see all of the time the subjectivity of the business. When we send out proposals, there are many times that we receive two rejections that say the polar opposite of each other. One will say the plot doesn’t work but the writing is great, the next loves the plot and hates the writing. Along the same lines, we might find one book not selling in January, but by December we can re-pitch the story and it sells. Why? The answer is once again the variables in the business.


Oh, and I guess I should also say that jumping on one blog to tell the editor or agent they are wrong because another blog said it just doesn’t work either.


Have a great weekend. I’ll be off this next week, but will try to blog when I get a chance.


Scott C. Eagan



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