Saturday, August 8, 2009

When Two Or More Are Gathered

Although I have said this business is subjective and there are always a ton of variables when it comes to getting your books published, I do often find little glimmers of patterns that show up. Now, please understand that even with this pattern, there are also a ton of variables and exceptions. However, I am a firm believer that this one is pretty dang accurate.

When two or more people are saying the exact same thing, then there is a pretty good sign that whatever they have said is the problem. I am a big believer in second opinions. If your critique partner says something about your manuscript, have it checked by someone else outside of the group. See what they have to say. Now, here is the catch. If that second person says something different, what now? Does this mean that number 1 was wrong? Not necessarily. Take the idea to a third and maybe a fourth or fifth person. What you are looking for here is a pattern.

I have said this all of the time when it comes to writers submitting to contests. Don't go and make drastic changes to a manuscript after one person's comments. See if that person was right, or if he or she was the fluke.

Now, the other reason I bring this up is with submitting to agents and editors. If and when you get feedback from someone, see if a pattern is showing up. If you are targeting single title houses and you get several comments coming back that say you are a category writer, then either go with that or fix it. Don't just say you are going to keep trying with other single title houses. You will probably end up with the same comments.

Now, have a great weekend. I'm off to work at a swim meet for the next 2 days and get a little R & R. I may have time to hit a few of the submissions so we will see where we go from there. Oh, and those of you who sent me additional material but wanted the material sent back, it will have to happen next week since I have no printer here.

See Ya!


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