Friday, January 8, 2010

Open Communications is Key

This is a short one today. I have a lot on the agenda.

You as a writer have to keep the lines of communications open between you and your editor as well as you and your agent. In this business, sitting back and being silent is simply not going to get you anywhere. Now, this does not mean to be agressive and mean about it, but it does require open and honest communication.

I don't know how many times I hear authors frustrated with the way things have turned out with their careers. Book covers come out that they don't agree with. Agents don't run their career the way they want. The list is endless. But in every one of these situations, we have to remember that there are two parts of the equation.

Communication is the getting and the giving of information. If you as the author are not discussing what you want done with your writing and your career, there is nothing the agent or editor can do. If we don't know about current writing projects. If we don't know there is a problem at your home or work and that is why you aren't submitting anything, we have to assume there is really nothing going on.

Editors too need to know what their writers are wanting to do. If you want to take your writing in a different direction, then it is up to you to communicate that with the editor. Failure to do so will result in the slot going to some other author who did stand up and say something.

While writing may be a solitary activity, it can not be without a dialogue. The worse someone will say is no. But at least give us a chance to say it.


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