Monday, July 5, 2010

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

I am borrowing this idea from one of the RWA Chapter presidents but I really do think her ideas she told her chapter in a recent newsletter article were spot on. Successful writers take advantage of opportunities placed in front of them. In fact, to take it a step further, successful writers find a way to seek out those opportunities or even find a way to make those opportunities happen.

I do want to note that I am not saying that you are finding a short cut to publishing. There simply isn't one. You have to work hard at this business. Still, there are things that can make your life a bit easier.

Opportunities are not simply situations where you can get your manuscript in front of an editor or an agent. It goes much further than this. When I am talking about opportunities, I am talking about chances to learn and grow as a writer. If you are sitting at a table during a conference with an editor or agent, discuss the business. If you have a chance to get online during a guest blogging opportunity with someone in the business, be it a writer, agent or editor, then get on there and talk. Ask questions.

This is not a business for the passive person. You can't afford to do so.

I get a lot of people who email me after I do a Radio Chat and they tell me that they have questions for me but are afraid to ask. So they turn around and send me a question instead. O.K. they were making some effort, but I have to say, they just blew an opportunity to really chat. During our talk, we might have been able to really dissect their issue and REALLY help.

If you are a writer sitting there thinking "gosh, I wish I had what X has..." my question to you is what are your doing to get it? Make those opportunities occur for you! It is possible.



  1. Hi Scott,
    I want to say that I really appreciate your blog. Although I've been writing my whole life, I never imagined I could actually be a writer. As a consequence, I'm a super-newbie to the business. (Don't mind me; I invent words all the time.) I don't know a thing! I'm just glad that you're providing this information to me and others like me. Thank you so much!

  2. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple