Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Greyhaus Wants Series Romance - But What Does That Mean?

I am actively acquiring Series romance authors. For those of you writers that love Category romance as much as I do, Greyhaus might be the place for you. With that said, I want to make it clear to the writers exactly what I am looking for.

I am actively acquiring for ALL Category lines. Whether it is for Harlequin or Silhouette, I am looking for writers that have a passion to writer for these lines.

Many authors seem to believe that writing category romance simply means you are "training to do real writing." This is far from the case and these are the authors I am not looking to acquire. I am looking for those writers that understand what it really takes to write for these houses.

One of the lines describes writing category as doing a really big story in a really little space. This is tough! In other words, take a 95,000 word story and put it in a small space. Not an easy task, but this is what makes a strong category author.

The other thing that I am looking for (that also makes a strong cateogory author) is the ability to produce. I am looking for authors that know their line, can produce multiple stories in their line and, at the same time, find a way to make the story unique. Which brings me to a big point in what I am looking for.

I had the chance to meet with several of the series editors while in Orlando and they were all saying the same thing. They want writers that are not just copying what is already out there. Sure the lines have specifics, but they want someone who can give them something special.

I am also looking for someone who is in this for the long haul. I don't want "one hit wonders" or writers that "meet their contract and then become divas." Commitment is what we want.

If you are already published in series you are also welcome at Greyhaus.

Series writing is fantastic! If you love it as much as I do, come by and visit.


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  1. How many books a year is a series writer expected to produce, and how much money (per year) is typical?