Friday, April 29, 2011

Why William and Kate are models for "true" romance

If you are someone who follows this blog on a regular basis, you will frequently hear me going on and on about how I am looking for stories with no baggage. In other words, I am begging for stories about "real" people, in "real" relationships, truly falling in love.

In reality, if we think about the romances in the real world that we remember and cherish, the stories don't come out of crisis and drama. There were no stalkers, no demons, no missing babies. If we think about William and Kate, we really do see many of the same things.

I will admit that being a "royal" does tend to tweak things a bit, but let's put that aside for a minute. What you have with these two are college kids who fell in love and moved into doing what everyone seems to want to do with their life. They have a small 5 bedroom home, they hang out with their friends and family, the cook meals for each other and they love "regular" food.

When you see these two together, you really see two people in love. Too often, we see these "celebrity" relationships that appear too forced. Sure, with all of the drama around them, we really seem to "grub" on this. No, it isn't because we want to see them fall in love and live Happily Ever After. I honestly believe we want to see them fail. With a true romance, however, we want to see them succeed.

This success doesn't come from overcoming obstacles. We want to see the success of the couple just simply being happy.

We have to remember that in romance, not only is the central storyline supposed to be the romance and the relationship, but we want to have them succeed. I always say that when I close the book, I want to know that the hero and heroine are still living in their cozy little home we left them in.

And with William and Kate, I want the same thing. I want to know, without the cameras and the drama, that they are hanging out together in their small little house. I want to have that image that he comes home from work and they kick back on the sofa, sitting in trashy sweats and eating nachos while they watch the latest edition of Desperate Housewives or The Office. Heck, the dream world is that we know they watch Family Guy.

The point is, keep it real people~



  1. I can't help it.

    5 bedrooms is not small. OK, perhaps for royalty, but particularly for the family of 6 I know who raised their children in a 2 bedroom, 1000sqft, house -- that is nowhere near small. (That couple also had a simple romance and are still married going on 40 years.)

  2. ClothDragon -

    The point is, we're not talking mansion here.

  3. Aw, you're such a romantic. :)

    But it's true for me,too. What I want from a romance is the contentment when I close the book that the characters do have what it takes to make it real, for decades.

    Too many wounds, and layers of drama or danger, no matter how healed or resolved, do not present a clear picture of future snuggling potential.

  4. I think they're actually cute & refreshing. Realizing that I thought that surprised me.

  5. I love that they married for love. Honestly, I feel for people who have to marry because of their position in life. They seem really sweet together, and I hope they do get their happily ever after.

    I like this in life, and in the stories I read.