Monday, May 2, 2011

We Don't Assess Your Story Based On Your Effort

As agents and editors, we know you have spent hours on your project. We know you have put your heart and soul into the projects you send to us. With that said, when it comes to our decision of moving forward with your writing or rejecting it, we move to a more objective approach.

Writers need to understand that, with the exception of submissions that are simply wrong for us, we do take time to look at the material you send to us. We consider if this is a project that can be marketed and where weould possible send it. We look at the story and see if it is unique enough to really stand out in this tough market. Editors take the time to look over the potential for sales as well as how well the writer has demonstrated a command of both strong writing skills and the voice of the house.

In some cases, this decision does happen quickly. know though that we are really trying to decide if you project is something that will work for us and the market. Just remember, we are looking at your story now, not based on the blood, sewat and tears you put into it, or the comments your friends have given you, or the amount of money you paid to have it edited by some so-called professional editor. It's simply the story.

Have a great week! This will be a short one for me. I'm off this week to Oklahoma. For those of you at the conference, be ready with questions.



  1. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the OWFI annual conference. We're a nice bunch, a talented group, and very appreciative of those who share their knowledge. And, by the way, we're also s bunch of huggers.

    Safe travels,

    Winona Cross

  2. To the OWFI group--

    You all are in for a treat. I've had the pleasure of hearing Scott's presentations at National and learned more in 15 minutes with him than in months of struggling on my own. He's a wealth of information and loves to give a helping hand--a nice guy.

    Sorry for the hijack of the blog topic--but I know a good thing when I see it-- or him!