Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meet Those Deadlines - NOW!!!!!

OOOOOOHHHHH! That ugly "D" Word! This is the single word that sends shivers up the back of every writer, and yet, this is a necessary evil. I wanted to bring this up because I honestly believe a lot of unpublished and new authors haven't bought into this concept, and, needless to say, when the time comes to meet those deadlines, they are far from ready to do so.

You need to understand that we have deadlines for a reason. There are a ton of other individuals in the grand scheme of things that rely on that work you are doing to be done and to be done correctly. Art departments need your information, promotions has to get your story out there. And, of course, your editors aren't just working with you, they have a lot of other authors that also need help.

As a new author, I always stress to put yourself on a deadline and then meet it. I am always shocked when I hear authors tell me in pitch sessions that it took them three years to finish a project. THREE YEARS?!?!?!? What is going to happen when they need to produce quicker?

Now I know the indie published and self-published authors are going to claim that this is a benefit to what they do, but here is the one factor that they are missing. Name Recognition! The more your name is out there, on the book shelves, the quicker you will see a following.

One of the things I have said before, and I think it is worth mentioning again here, is that meeting deadlines is a sign of that professional element in the business world. Can you make or beat your deadline? Can I count on you? For anyone who has submitted to Greyhaus knows, there is a one month turn around time from the moment I ask for a partial to the point that I see it. Can't meet that deadline? Then maybe you shouldn't have submitted.

So, start working on those deadlines - TODAY!


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