Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scott's Dog Takes Over The Blog - Digging to get to the good stuff

I have a confession to make. I am a digger. OOOOOOOHHHHHH, I do love to dig a good hole. Of course Scott really doesn't like where I put my holes, but hey, ya gotta love me.

In any case, I was working on my latest hole yesterday and I started thinking about stories again. I just don't think some of your authors out there have been digging enough with your stories. In other words, you aren't going deep enough to get to the really good stuff about your characters, plots and settings.

I have heard Scott talk about some of these stories where you plop your characters in an Italian restaurant and just describe the delicious pasta with the smell of basil. Come on now. You know good and well there is much more to a restaurant than just that. Even I know that. Use all of your senses and really go for it.

The same goes for your characters. You give them a name, color their hair, give them a job and call it quits. Last time I checked that really isn't three dimensional.

Take it from a digger. You really have go dig to get the good stuff. And then, once you found it, bring it home for the reader. Or like I do, I just track it around the hardwoods for Scott.


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  1. You dig holes. You barf on the carpet. You probably shed everywhere and bark at the mail carrier.

    And you're so darn cute I'd forgive you anything!