Friday, January 20, 2012

Scott's Dog Takes Over The Blog - Writing is important but so am I

Last day of writing so I wanted to leave you with something to really chew on (which is what I'm going to do after I finish this).

Making time in your busy schedule is really important. You have to write every day, or at least do something for your writing every day. But with that said, you do have to remember the other people in your family. As I said in the title, writing is important but so am I.

You can't simply toss us a bone and say go play while I work. Yes, that has to happen every now and then, but there also needs to be time that you schedule for your family. They are giving up a lot to let you sit in your office on the computer and write for all of those hours. Make sure to do something for them too.

Family is very important so make sure to take some time to be with them too.

I guess I have to give up the computer now. Scott said something about wanting to get some work done. Thanks for hanging with me this week and let Scott know if you want me to blog again.



  1. Hi Apollo, I always learn a lot from Scott's blogs but have to say I'd love for you to come back as guest blogger again soon. You were also full of great advice and it was a fun change. Have a super weekend digging, chewing and running around the yard :)

  2. As much as I enjoy Scott's blogs, I have to admit to having a soft spot for you Apollo. You bring a different perspective and a fun twist to an old game. :)

  3. I really appreciate your time management and producing such interesting blogs. Really everybody should learn from you.