Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scott's Dog Takes Over The Blog - Get Up and Walk Around For A New Perspective

Apollo here again!

I see many writers really getting into a rut with their writing. They seem to be stuck in one direction and, unfortunately, their writing ends up in becoming REALLY boring. So, I started thinking about how I work out of those serious moments of boredom.

I get up and walk around. Sometimes, a simple turn in my bed is all it takes to give me a new perspective on life. Sometimes, I have to go for a serious run around the back yard looking behind the plants and under the barbeque (there is some seriously good stuff under there to check out). The point is, staying in one place gets boring and you need to shake things up.

Now, my strategy here can be used two ways.

The first way is when you are stuck on a story and not sure what to do with that next chapter. I think Scott talked about that once before. Get up from the computer and take a stroll around the house. If you have a writing partner like I am to Scott, I go with him on the walk. This way I can show him those cool things he missed on our last walk. When we get back, it is amazing what he gets done on the computer and I think you'll find the same thing.

The second way is with your writing in general. Every now and then, you need to just try something new. No, this does not mean changing your genre and trying to market a new book. Just do this with some smaller writing pieces. You know what I mean. I think you people call them short stories. Sometimes playing with a piece of writing other than what you are working on will give you some insight. For example, if you write contemporary romances, try a historical, or a fantasy. Sometimes that world building will get you that vision you need.

Let me know how you go for a walk to get that new perspective.

I'll see you tomorrow. I have to go now and see if I can catch that bird sitting on my fountain.


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  1. I go and play my alto saxophone. If I'm not up to all that blowing I take a walk and listen to my favourite music. You should try an Ipod Apollo.