Monday, January 16, 2012

Scott's Dog Takes Over The Blog - Over-doing it Leads To Barf

Hey there,

I'm Apollo and I took over the blog for this week for Scott.

I started thinking about all the things Scott does during the day and I realized that I really had a new perspective to this whole human writing thing so I figured I would add my kibble worth of thought here.

One thing I have discovered in my 7 months of life is that over-doing things really leads to some serious barfing. I mean, I can really toss by cookies and boy does Scott not like it when it hits his carpet. He is getting really good at this whole steam cleaning thing though.

In any case, I thought about that whole "over-doing" it thing and it made a lot of sense when it comes to the writing you might think about sending to him or to some other person that might want to buy your book. If you do too much in your story, if you add too much extra stuff to your story that really doesn't need to be there (like the strings I find on the floor), it will lead to some seriously barfy writing.

What you need to understand is that Scott really does want some great stories but he really doesn't want to read any more barf that could have been prevented.

So, when it comes to writing your stories, try to use something I have heard Scott tell one of his writers on the phone. Keep It Simple. Take a great story and don't over-do it with all of that extra stuff.

That is, unless you like barf and then go for it.

See you tomorrow. I'm off for my morning nap now.



  1. Scott, I love your pup! I have a nine month old Cocker Spaniel that looks just like him - black and white with that sweet face. Fun post!

  2. Apollo - You are too cute (and smart)!

  3. Thank you Apollo! I've heard Scott say that but I think I understand it now coming from your point of view! Only things necessary to the plot need apply, all other”neat” info is good for the author to know, but better left out for the reader.

  4. Your pup is so cute. Keep in touch with him mate and keep the bond tighten.

  5. I'm just tuning into this week's blog and am loving it. We have a new poodle puppy and a new WIP -- I'll be taking your puppy's advice and taking mine for a walk.