Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Craft Day - Make Your Query Letter SING!

Query letters are tough. Yes, I know all of you hate to write these darn things but they are one of those necessary evils of this business. Still we have to make sure that you make that sale in that query.

I think a lot of writers seem to believe that it is all up to the writing. In the end, yes, it is up to the writing. You can have a rocking query but if the writing sucks, then the writing sucks. Still, with the volume of submissions editors and agents get on a daily basis, it is up to you to "wake us up"! Hit us with something that screams, "You Must Read Me!!!!!"

Just telling us the plot of your story doesn't do it. Tell us what makes your writing special. What unique twist and turn do you take with your story that sets you apart from all of the other writers out there?

Leah Hultenshmidt of Source Books recently commented at a conference that with self-published individuals, it is so much about making your book rise above all of the other stories out there. You cannot do it just with the whole story - it has to be the concept.

If you think about it, when you buy a book, you do so based on the small nugget of information the publisher has provided for you in the blurb. That was the selling point.

Do you have that in your query?

So, Make that query sing!


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