Monday, September 17, 2012

Alien Vampire Bunny Contest Is Back

That's right, the Kate Duffy Alien Vampire Bunny Contest is in full force again.

Beginning Oct. 1 and running through the end of the month, here is your chance to create one of the greatest paranormals of your life.

Details can be found on the website!!!!

Check it out!

I am also recommending this year, and this is on the honor system, that for every entry, an author submits a minimum of $5.00 to the RWA Kate Duffy Memorial Fund.

If you wish to submit it via check to me, I will be happy to forward all of the funds on to the RWA. Should you choose this option, make your checks out to GREYHAUS LITERARY AGENCY and in the memo line, mark it for the KATE DUFFY MEMORIAL FUND. Send checks directly to the agency and I will send you an email receipt of your donation.

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