Thursday, December 20, 2012

Five Days of Christmas Spirit Giveaway - Day 4

In an effort to share some holiday spirit, I will be giving away at the end of this week a gift card for all of you book lovers. To participate, all you have to do is post a comment. You can enter once a day. At the end of the week, I will draw one name for the win! Just tell us what you either A) would do; or B) you did do.


On the forth day of Scott's Christmas, the publishing world gave to me... My book hits the shelves! It's RELEASE DAY!!!

NOTE: The more people who participate will increase the amount of the gift card!

Disclaimer: Individuals entering more than once per day will be eliminated from the drawing. Individuals using this to post 'SPAM' like messages will also be eliminated from the drawing and their messages will be deleted.


  1. If I could, I would probably go around the shops, checking if it could be really found on the shelves, taking pictures and hoping that people would be buying it.

  2. I would hitting up all the bookstores within a 50 mile radius and introducing myself to the booksellers. I'd also want to sign stock while there and discuss the opportunity to have a signing. And of course, it'd be all over Facebook, Twitter, and every place else I could thing of.

  3. I would squeal at the sight of my book on the shelf. Then I would compose myself and try to act normal for at least a minute before I started squealing again.

  4. Oh no, I nearly missed this party...or drawing, as the case may be. Since I'm behind, I'll just do all my days at once. (1 entry)

    Day 1 - I fainted.

    Day 2 - Someone woke me up and showed me the revisions. Next to panic, I check for damage from the fall. Do I still know how to write?

    Day 3 - This is a dream, isn't it? Numbers don't really have six zeros, do they?

    Day 4 - Reality hits. I'm in Barnes and Nobles and I can't find my book. I knew it. It is a dream. Sigh. New Year's resolutions now begin on Dec 20 -- finish manuscript. Next year, at this time, the dream is happening! (B&N, lookout.)

    Having a wonderful time. Kate

  5. Considering myself a private person, when my first book went 'live' I was shocked to find I was no longer anonymous on the internet.

  6. I would squeal, take tons of pictures of me holding my book, and when the casual looker on my aisle took a glance I'd introduce myself and share my joy with them (and hope not get kicked out of the store by security). Of course, afterwards I'd post it all to Facebook and hope that the nice security guard was up for a round of photos too. :)