Monday, December 24, 2012

Publishing Requires Flexibility

I have now started this post five times and I keep coming back to the same line, "the title says it all." There are simply so many factors and so many people involved with the production of a book that writers simply cannot be as rigid as they might be in other professions.

Just consider a few of these things:
  • The release date of your book is not based on when you want the book to come out, but a schedule of other authors all with the same editor, publisher and line.
  • Weather and other natural problems will play a factor. Super Storm Sandy has truly made all of the publishing world play catch up.
  • Trends shift in what the readers like. One day Zombies are hot and the next day they're not. You learn this well if you have girls living in your house that are fashion conscious.
  • Other projects get in the way of your edits. Your editor might have every good intention of getting your book's revisions to you and then another book has a bigger crisis.
  • There are only 24 hours in the day. Editors and agents may say they will get to your book ASAP but sometimes they too need a break from reading (DO YOU HEAR THAT SUSAN! TAKE A BREAK!)
Look, this is not to say to take such a laid-back approach to the business. Stay on top of things. Follow up and so forth. But with that said, if an agent or editor says they will be back to you in three weeks, don't start harassing in on the 22nd day.

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