Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stay On The Editor and Agent's Radar

This one is really going out to those who currently have editors and agents. Of course those of you still in the process, take note and make sure to do this later on. Along the same lines, I think much of this can also apply to you as your submit projects to these people.

I do understand that there will be times when you are in the middle of contracts or other works in progress and there is no need to talk to your editor. That's fine. But with that said, disappearing for months without checking in now and then forces you to be out of radar range. But what is the problem with this?

There are times when new projects do show up. Editors have special anthologies or small projects. Agents stumble across new avenues to pursue. They may be talking to editors at conferences or over lunch. Now here is the twist. The people they talk about are the people on their radar.

Remember that much of your success as an author is publicity and promotion. You have to be out there for the readers to see you and remember you. They need to see your name over and over again. Readers return to people "they know" and, in many cases, they only know you b ecause they have seen your name time and time again. The same applies to your editors and agents.

I think one thing to add to this is something I have heard before from authors who come to me for representation. "I am coming to you because apparently my agent quit and I didn't know." The odds are the agent did send out messages to people on the radar. Maybe the agent hasn't heard from you in a while and assumes you have decided to leave (which does happen).

In other words, communicate with your editors and agents.


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