Friday, March 7, 2014

Survey Update on Digital Buying Trends - The numbers!

Here are the results from the survey we ran a couple of days ago. I do some of the responses came back with a split that seemed a bit larger than I had expected.

Do you own a digital reading device?

  • Yes 83.3%
  • No 16.6%

If given a choice and the price was the same would you buy a digital or a print book?

  • Digital 36.1%
  • Print 63.9%
If given a choice would you prefer to buy your book online or in an actual book store?

  • Online 50%
  • Bookstore 50%
Has the cost of books changed the format you buy your books in?

  • Yes 47.2%
  • No 52.8%
First of all, I know that surveys only function as a snapshot and have some limitations. Still, as I pointed out, I found some of the numbers a bit telling!

The simple fact that we have such a high percentage of people with digital reading devices, and yet, if given a choice, they aren't going to go with the digital book is fairly interesting. I have said this before. When I sit at swim meets and scan the stands of parents waiting for their kids to swim, they are always on their iPads and other digital devices, and yet, very few are using the device for reading. Games, movies, Facebook and emails seem to be the standard activity.

I do believe, for me, the one question that stands out the most is the fact that 2/3 of the respondents are telling us that they prefer the print books. They want that hard copy (or paperback) in their hands. And yet, how often do we hear publishers going on and on about how many people really want their books digitally. Is this really the case?

Just something to consider for the weekend!

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  1. I do half my reading while I'm in the bathtub and I'm afraid I'll get my Nook wet. When they make a waterproof e-reader, I'll be first in line, LOL.