Thursday, August 14, 2014

Putting Your Best Work Out There

The publishing world right now has become pretty dang picky. In the past, we used to be able to sign authors who "showed potential" or their work was "close". But today, we are now having to find works that are much closer to being print ready the moment they cross and editor or agent's desk. And yet, it amazes me how many authors send out projects that are far from close to being great.

We are also seeing a huge number of authors who are taking the self-publishing approach and putting out projects that could either seriously go through at least one more round of editing, or it is something that is just mediocre. They are putting it out there just to "put it out there."

The problem in both of these cases is the message it sends to editors, agents and certainly your readers. You are either showing that person on the other side that you either don't care or you don't understand how to put out a great project.

When you get ready to submit to an editor or agent, or even if you are going to publish on your own, make sure what you are sending is literally the best possible. This means not just in the over-all writing and the content you put out, but also really making sure the grammar and language is in great shape.

Look, we get there will be a few mistakes now and then. No editor or agent will slam you with a couple of typos or maybe a small issue of subject-verb agreement or the infamous "dangling participle". We aren't that cruel and evil. But, with that said, if we are finding a lot of mistakes in that cover letter or synopsis, or if you are sending us material that you know still needs a lot of work, be prepared for that rejection letter.


  1. As always, a great reminder of priorities. I always enjoy your posts.

  2. PS: I really wish you liked mysteries! :-)