Monday, August 18, 2014

Trusting In Your Editor Or Agent

All writers face the same moment in their writing careers. Unfortunately, it probably happens far too many times and it is enough to really devastate a writer and bring the writing to a screeching halt. it is that moment when you think you are the worst writer ever. As an agent, along with all of the other business side of things we do for a writer, this is one of those skills that we area always dealing with. We need to be the shoulder to cry on.

Writers need to trust when the editor or agent says the story is good. They need to trust when the editor or agent says this is the best approach to take with the book or the career.

I am facing this with one of my authors right now. I am sure I have mentioned her in the past. Every time she hits about chapter 10 in the book (about the half-way point) she will inevitably call me with the same line, "Scott, this story is a piece of crap!" It is at this point that the counselor hat comes on and it is time to get that author back on track and wrap this book up!

Writers need to understand that editors and agents are not going to want you to fail. They want to see the best writing you have. They want you to succeed. Why? Because if you don't, then they don't.

There will be times when you think this might not sound like the best direction. Sometimes the direction might seem to be taking you in direction that feels off course, but trust them. They know what they are doing.

Now, while all of this deals with those of you who are published, I do need to stress that this does include those of you getting feedback from editors, agent and other published authors if you are entering contests or getting critiques. I know there are also times in a pitch session or a workshop these people will also make recommendations. I do believe that too often, writers will blow off these comments because it is something they personally didn't want to do. This might be a mistake.

Look, in the end of the day, the story is still yours. You get to do what you want to do. However, try to to immediately dismiss those recommendations when it feels like it might not be right.

And for those of you today who feel like my author, and you think your writing is "a piece of crap!" - the odds are it isn't. It might take some tweaking, it mike take a slightly different turn, but you are not a bad writer!