Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Knowing And Using The Resources Of The Group

So, who are your resources?

This might be a question you haven't really thought of before. This might also be a question that as you contemplate it today, you might find you don't have the answer for. And yet, this is a question you really do need to answer.

The thing is, writing is a pretty independent activity. You sit at home with your computer in front of you and your bunny slippers on, writing away...alone. When you don't know something or struggle with something, you often find yourself madly scrambling to get the answers, again, on your own. But you don't have to. The odds are, you have the resources around you. It is just a matter of determining what those resources are.

This is part of the reason I push for joining up with major writing organizations. It is also the reason I push for joining those local writing chapters, getting into critique groups and so forth. These people can become your resources.

Now I do have to stress, you have to know how these people can serve as a resource for you. For you see, just jumping into any old group is not going to help you. If you are all at the same place with your career, or if you all have the same strengths and weaknesses, you will simply go no where. You need that diversity.

But there is also an added element of this "resource" question. Knowing who the resources are is one thing, but note the title of this post. It is also an issue of "using" the resources. You cannot be afraid to ask. You cannot be afraid to ask. I will tell you, if they are busy, they will say no. But the odds are, these people will help. Why? Because in the end, they might come to you as a resource.

So, your homework for the rest of the week is to determine who your resources are. Then examine your needs. When you have done this, ask yourself why you haven't gone to these people for help!

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