Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Don't Want To Write Today - Now What?

The difference between a professional writer and someone who does this as a hobby is the use of time. The hobby writers can pick up the writing when the mood hits. For the professional writer, this is a job. But what do you do when you simply say, "I don't want to today"?

I have talked here about always doing something for your writing daily. That does not mean, of course, writing. There will be days when you simply have no desire to put "pen to paper" or, for you more technological people out there, sit down at the computer. That is OK.

On those days, just spend some time to think about your project. It might be reading another author;s work in the same genre to get some inspiration. It might be doing some research on social media for new trends and ideas. Just take the time for something.

Just a reminder, follow the words of Dory in Finding Nemo and "Just keep swimming." I promise, you will find that desire again. It just might not be today.


  1. Your advice is sound. When I'm not in the writing mindset, or it's just not working out (I always try for at least ten minutes), I screen literary magazines, send a few submissions, or read a book if that's all I can do. On weekends and evenings I find that taking my dogs for long walks usually lets my brain find its way back to my current project. Even my short lunch-time walks at work help get me thinking about writing.

  2. On the days I don't feel like writing, I can go sit in front my plotting board. It always help me come up with ideas and gets me excited to write again. If all else fails, Guinness helps, lol.