Friday, August 19, 2016

Helping Out with the Brenda Novak "Search for the cure!"

I am excited to say I will be helping out once again with the Brenda Novak to help find that cure for Juvenile Diabetes. This year, I have five individual items available for auction.

Greyhaus Literary Agency has been working with Brenda Novak and the Juvenile Diabetes Association since she first started her online auction. Once again, Greyhaus is here to offer it’s support to finding a cure.

Greyhaus Literary Agency is offering 5 different opportunities to help:


Greyhaus Literary Agency will offer 3 individual critiques to writers of proposals. This will include the first three chapters of a manuscript, a synopsis and a query letter. Within 30 days of purchasing the critique, the author will receive from Greyhaus a written critique of the manuscript as well as a brief phone call discussing the project.

When this project was offered last on the Brenda Novak Online Auction, the winning bid went for $800.00.

The goal of this bid is a minimum of $500.00 for each of the proposal critiques.


Greyhaus Literary Agency will offer a visit to a writing chapter. The topic, discussion and length is all dependent on what the chapter wants. Obviously, the more support we can provide to Brenda Novak and her cause, the more Greyhaus can offer.

At a minimum, Scott will talk to the writing chapter about a topic of their choosing, and then take pitches from any author interested in pitching.

Scott can also provide up to a full weekend of workshops, keynote speaking and certainly pitches.

The value of a single day workshop is a minimum of $800, preferably $1000.
The value of a full weekend workshop is a minimum of $1500, preferably $2000.

Greyhaus Literary Agency will be responsible for transportation and lodging as well as any handouts or other workshop material.

Please stay in contact with me here on the blog or follow me on TWITTER. I will keep you updated on all that we are doing to help out.

Brenda has a big goal here of $1 million dollars! Together, I know the writing community and all of you who follow Greyhaus can get her there!

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  1. This is wonderful! My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in March 2012, so Brenda's fundraising has always been very close to my heart. Thank you SO MUCH for contributing, Scott!