Friday, February 8, 2019

Paying For Professional Editing

One thing I see a lot of in query letters are authors using the comment, "The manuscript has been professionally edited" in an attempt to make the project even more marketable. I wanted to take the time to address the concept of paying for professional editing.

Let me first say, this is just one person's opinion on the subject. There are a lot of varying opinions on this. Like everything in this business, once size does not fit all.

Now, should you go out and pay someone to edit your project? Personally, I think it is a waste of time. If you are writing, you should already know basic rules of grammar. If not, I would highly recommend A WRITER'S REFERENCE. I would also argue that if you are lacking in those basic grammar skills, then maybe writing a novel might not be the direction you want to head. 

I would also argue that a GOOD word processing program already has things such as spell checkers and grammar checkers. This is always a great source and you should not ignore these. Of course, these programs are only as good as the user. Remember, computers cannot read and may often over-look basic spelling errors. As for the grammar, these checkers only say "This may be a problem" and once again, it will require you to know what to look for and fix the issue.

But what about content? Could these editors look for issues that would make your manuscript better? Sure! But, if you have a critique group, you can get this service for free. I would also add that if you are someone who is a pretty good critical thinker, you can often find these issues on your own. Another aspect of this type of editor is that you are just getting the feedback from one person and everything is subjective. It is also important to remember that stylistic approaches to a story will vary from one publisher to the next.

Look, paying someone for this service is not going to make us want to sign you on as a client or buy your book. I would personally recommend saving up that money and using it for marketing later on when you do make that first sale!

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