Monday, October 14, 2019

Resubmitting After A Rejection - Question From A Writer

What do you recommend the writer do next (if they think that their manuscript is quality and deserves a second chance)? Should the writer never darken your door with that manuscript again? Resubmit it to you with a "second-chance please" note? Wander off to a new agent? I am so glad you wrote this post, because I have wondered about this situation but wasn't sure how to ask.

This is a great question, but like a lot of things out there in publishing, there is no right or wrong answer.

I will try to answer this one in small pieces.

First of all, if the agent or editor does provide you feedback and says to resubmit, I strongly encourage you to do that. They took the time to give you some feedback and there is likely something there.

Now, if the agent or editor DID NOT respond with a revise and resubmit, then I strongly recommend asking first. Listen to what they say in that response and how they say it. If they come back with "If you want to" and that is about it, I would argue they are not overly interested. Here at Greyhaus, I DO NOT look at revised projects unless I tell someone to do so. For that reason, going back, redoing the project and then resubmitting will certainly get you a rejection.

You also referred to this as a "second chance please" note. No whining...OK?

So the next piece of this is, do you give up on that agent or editor. Unless that person comes back and says they hate you, then by all means, send a new project. But here is the big thing to remember! Make sure that you DO NOT make the same mistakes you made on the first project. I honestly reject a lot of people who cannot seem to learn a lesson.

If you got no feedback, or it was simply, "not what I am looking for" then take the time to really research that editor or agent. It might simply be that, while you might think you want to work with this person, you and your writing might not be a good match.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Yes! This helps a lot. I am sure you must have said all this info before, but somehow, this Reader's Digest Condensed Version of it just comes across so much clearer. At least, it did for me and I get it. Thank-you so much for your reply.