Monday, May 20, 2013

Greyhaus is again open to submissions.

Just a couple of things to consider:
  • Automatic rejections for people who clearly did not read the submission guidelines
  • I love Harlequin. If you want to write here. Know their lines. Do the research. Make sure you know if your work fits with Harlequin.
  • I represent ONLY: print, romance, & women's fiction. If you do not write this. If you do not know this genre, then DO NOT SUBMIT!
  • For authors going to RWA Nationals, I will not be there this year. If you are interested in working with Greyhaus, you need to go through the website, or have your chapter get me to your group to talk.
  • For chapters that cannot afford bringing people in to speak or hear pitches, Greyhaus does do SKYPE pitches. This is perfect for EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, HAWAII and ALASKA (although I will do what I can to come and visit. Just let me know of your interest.

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