Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts on Kate Duffy

As many of you know, the publishing world, and especially the romance world lost a great person this last week - Kate Duffy of Kensington. Like many of you, when I heard the news, it really snapped me into reality and got me thinking.

Like many writers, Kate played a huge role in my life with publishing. She was really one of the first publishers that stepped up to the plate and gave me guidance in the early stages of Greyhaus. She was always there! When I would attend conferences, she was always one of the few editors that would cross a busy room of writers and other publishing professionals to take the time to say hi and to check up on what was going on.

Although I personally never sold anything directly to Kate, I always knew the feedback I received from her would be honest and very correct. In my book, if Kate said jump, you didn't ever ask how hi, you just did it.

I remember sitting on editor-agent panels with her and would sit in awe of her like the other writers as she told the people in the room "the truth." You never heard a sugar coated message from Kate. For some this was tough to handle. For me, it was very refreshing.

I honestly have to say, we could all go on and on with all of your thoughts on the postive impact this single woman had on the romance genre. In the end though, there simply wouldn't be enough time to mention everything. There simply was too much.

Kate, I know you are watching us and still providing the guidance you gave to each writer.

Thank you!

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