Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knowing and Using The Resources of the Group - Keys to success in publishing

Who are the successful writers out there? They are the people that not only write well, but have connections and use those connections. These writers understand how to tap into the resources available to them.

Anyone who has been involved with the Scouting program adult leadership programs are aware of this idea: Knowing and Using The Resources in the Group. Essentially the idea is simple. We can't do things on our own and being successful involves dividing up the labor and really using those people in your group who are good at what they do. The same goes for anything we do out there in the real world. We have to use our resources.

What is interesting though, is that many authors feel that they work best on their own - BIG MISTAKE! While writing is a solitary activity, using those resources out there will certainly make the writing work go better. This involves networking and getting out there from behind your computer.

Now, if you are following this blog, or following other agent's and editor's blogs you are on the right track. Still there is more that you can do. Conferences, writing groups and the like are just a few tricks that you can use to enhance your writing skills. Let me make something clear though. I am not saying to just go and watch. You can't just be a lurker. You have to participate.

Have you ever noticed that the RWA Chapters out there with successful authors continue to have successful authors? No it is not something in the water. It is the network they have build to help each other. To be successful, you have to build those resources.

If you are a writer finding you are wanting more information, or more assistance, I ask you..."What are you doing about it?" Start the ball rolling in your own writing chapter. Get people involved.

Have you invited agents and editors to meet with your chapter? Have you asked them to guest blog? I am betting you haven't. There are no more excuses. If you want to succeed, it is up to you to make it happen. Look around you and find those resources you can tap into.

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