Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time To Save A Swimming Pool and Program!

Although many of you might not be from around the Sumner, Washington area, I want to let you all know of a major impending crisis.

The Sumner School District is looking at closing the only high school pool in September, unless they find someone to take over the management of the pool. What does this pool do?
  • It provides intermural opportunities in both swimming and water-polo for TWO high schools in the district.
  • It provides community swim lessons and lifeguard training to communities.
  • It provides open swim for many kids in the area that only have this for swim opportunities.
  • It also provides a location for a USA Swim team to practice.

The district, right now, is asking for interested parties to take over the management, but there is a catch. The Sumner School District has placed pretty limiting guidelines for the management:

  • The District will only provide money for utilities and "some" up-keep.
  • The District wants to maintain all of their programs keeping the profits
  • The District wants the management company to assume all liabilities

It is interesting that the district does not use the pool during the day for the students at the school. I am assuming it is simply because they don't have a Physical Education Instructor trained in water training.

It is also interesting that this pool has taken a financial loss recenently. They seem to think it is the maintainance issue; however, their rates of participation in open swim or swim lessons is often small.

Please do me a favor and pass this on to others. If you are in this area, we need your help to make a HUGE push to save this program.

Finally, if you want to help personally, or if you have a company that wants to assist with sponsorship, or in anyway you can think of, email me here at the agency.

I should note, the district is giving people only until May 14th to get RFP's to the board.

Scott Eagan

This is just one more example of school districts taking away programs and facilities "just to save money."

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