Saturday, May 15, 2010

Updates from Wisconsin! WisRWA

My compliments WisRWA! You have a great conference and you have ALL done an amazing job with everything. I would come back in a heartbeat!

Had a great panel discussion last night with Victoria Curran of Superromance, Natalie Fischer of the Dijkstra Agency and Tess Woodward of Avon. A lot of great topics. This evening, we spent a large portion of time discussing e-books and e-publishing. It seems to be the belief of all of us on the panel that:
  • Print books are not going out of style.
  • E-books are not going to destroy the print industry.
  • From what we have all seen, e-books are a great supplemental tool for print publishers.
  • There is a concern about electronic rights but we are all confident that it is going to get worked out.

More later.


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